Sky Gardens

Cities have started to invest in and build sky gardens. One city that has many sky gardens is Singapore, which now is also known as the “garden city”. With the high amount of new architecture being built in Singapore due to the rising population, Singapore has included sky gardens in their new buildings and even in Changi Airport. A sky garden is exactly what it sounds like, a large garden that is built on terraces, balconies, interior public spaces, rooftops, and more. Singapore has made a law called the “Green Mark” building certification. Every new building that is built must abide by it and put sky gardens on them. Sky gardens are making Singapore and other cities that have started to implement them look beautiful and are starting to become tourist attractions. Sky gardens are not just for looks though; they improve air quality, increase the energy efficiency in the buildings and helps to reduce heat in the city. Although people wish to see sky gardens built everywhere (including the United States) they only thrive in warm areas, so governments and environmental activist have been thinking of alternative ways to make buildings more green.