Professor, Environmental Studies
Gettysburg College,
located on unceded Indigenous land including the traditional homelands of the Susquehannock/Conestoga, Seneca and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Leni Lenape, and Shawnee Nations, and the connections Indigenous Peoples have to this land continue today.

 My academic background in the natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities have definitely played a part in my love for the interdisciplinarity necessary to solve environmental issues.

PhD in Science and Technical Communication, 2008. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
MA in Creative Writing, 2003. University of Colorado-Boulder.
MS in Geology, 1999. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
BA Mount Holyoke College, 1997.

My research and teaching, which is currently primarily in the environmental humanities (film, literature, history, and communication), explore the interconnections between culture and nature. Specifically, I am interested in how various cultural media such as literature, film, photographs, and other communicative modes shape (and are shaped by) environmental issues.