Wilderness and Wildness

Danali National Park


An uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region. A place where “Man” can go but not remain.


A reminder of Wilderness closer to the dwellings of man. Examples could include an orchard, forestry land, and national parks.



Wilderness is a place that people have yet to tame and it is very little that has been untouched in some manner or another by humans.   Micheal Luis makes the statement that “Wilderness areas have no road, buildings, motorized vehicles, or campgrounds-not even chain saws are allowed”(5).  Thoreau seems to be the go-to for information on Wild(ness) in his writings at Walden Pond. wild(ness) is a place not domestic but not wild somewhere in between. Places such as national parks and orchards are considered wild(ness) often a place maintained and organized by humans. Where wilderness is without blemish humans may visit but not stay in the wilderness.


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