Ecomedia is a practice of media analysis that helps us move beyond the notion of common sense to what Farrell describes as commons sense (Rust 2015, 2).

Media, society, and the environment are interconnected because the media represents the humanistic view of the world (Rust 2015, 2).

Man producing Ecomedia. Source: wikimedia commons

While producing ecomedia it is important to follow commons sense in order to create sustainable media. For example, the film industry has found themselves as one of the largest air polluters and one of the highest energy consumers in the Los Angeles area (Corbett 1). Also, ecomedia is a medium where individuals learn new information and create change regarding environmental crises (Rust 2015, 3). By capturing nature on film viewers are given an experience like being immersed in the natural world (Rust 2013, 19). Ecomedia is beneficial because it is used to teach viewers about the environment and how to protect it.

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