Toxins in Human Health

Beauty products are a huge industry world wide, however, many beauty products contain toxins that are harmful to humans. There are concentrations of harmful toxins such as phthalates in beauty products such as cosmetics for personal care (Barret).  Phthalates have been linked to health problems in reproduction and development and have been shown to cause damages to human sperm (Barret). These harmful chemicals are located in a number of common products including makeup, shampoo, skin lotion, and nail polish (Barret). While many cosmetic and personal care companies argue that the exposure to phthalates is low, a study showed that 97% of participants had been exposed to phthalates, meaning that while it may be low exposure, it is chronic and widespread low exposure (Barret).

Additionally there are compounds that are contained within these products that can be harmful to mothers and pregnant women in particular (Sakhi).  Studies have shown major exposure to chemicals such as phenols, parabens, bisphenols in mothers and children (Sakhi). There are many products that people should avoid including parabens and sulfates (Cunningham). On top of this, Microplastics, which can come from beauty products, have been identified in food consumed by human and in air samples. (Karbalaei). Exposure to MPs via ingestion or inhalation could lead to adverse human health effects (Karbalaei).

Many people do not even consider that these harmful toxins are contained within the products they are buying. Some of the toxins are even clearly listed in the ingredients and people don’t even know that they are bad because they have no knowledge of the impacts that the ingredients in these products have on their bodies and the environment.  

A video that provides an overview of many of the toxins in products and how they can have negative impacts on human health


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