Social Geographies

Social Geographies Definition:

Social Geographies concentrates on divisions within society ranging from class, ethnicity, and, religion. This term is a function of mapping societies and based on cultural identifiers allowing to create a  more detailed study of the role of place and space in social behaviour.


Social Geographies goes hand in hand with stakeholders. It allows one to view the many different views of a particular topic and be able to implement these views by mapping them. Having these variety of cultures and views mapped allows one to create a better understanding of why their views may be this way. Views can be what they are because of the location that they are in for many reasons such as climate and turrance. In addition, social geographies can allow one to a society’s views based on their influences surrounding them. Surrounding influences plays a big role in how societies handle various topics because it creates social norms which can only be created if they are played out in one’s surroundings.