Central Park surrounded by buildings is an example of how humans separate themselves from nature while using and manipulating it to their desire as supported by the belief that the purpose of nature is the serve human needs.


Resourcism is the belief that the purpose of the environment is to serve the needs from humans, and that environmental resources do not have value until humans give it value. The ideas behind resourcism stem from the thought that humans are above and apart, rather than part of the “natural” world around them. The idea of recourcism began when it was a much more reasonable idea; populations were smaller and society consumed at a lesser rate than it does now. The problem that arises from resourcism today is that there are not enough resources for our modern society to consume at the rate we do for much longer. Nature’s power to provide natural resources can only extend to certain lengths. The modern ideas on resourcism must be properly adjusted to minimize over consumption and reduce waste (Farrell 3-11).