Consumption Definition:

In a broad sense consumption is the utilization of resources. Consumption can range from human consumption which is the process of eating, drinking, smoking resources. Consumption in the agricultural context also refers to the use of natural resources such as water, food, and land.


US consumption patterns are not only unsustainable but are unhealthy to the human body. The US is the leading country in terms of consumption which has not only created negative trends which impact our environment, but has also skewed the mindset of Americans in terms of what they need. The demand of affordable and easily accessible food has created an industry in which fast growing and the large crops are the goal. The use of GMOs and other chemicals are being implemented into agricultural norms in order to to create the cheapest crops possible. Not only is consumption a problem for the consumers but has also been impacting how we consume natural resources. Agriculture is now the leading consumer of water in the US in order to and our consumption methods in terms of agriculture have begun causing negative environmental impacts. Problems such as erosion from gmo crops, greenhouse gases from cattle, and pollution from the waste are just a few to mention.