Conference and Invited Presentations

Salma Monani and Nicole Seymour. “#apsáalookefeminist: Wendy Red Star’s Crow Humor and Eco-sensibilities.” Native American and Indigenous Studies Association. Los Angeles, California, May 2018.

Salma Monani. “Indigenous Ecocinema: Decolonizing Media Landscapes.” Invited Public Talk for the Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder. April 19, 2018.

Salma Monani. “Feeling and Healing Eco-Social Catastrophe: In the Horrific Slipstream of Danis Goulet’s Wakening.” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Detroit, Michigan. June 2017.

Salma Monani. Invited Plenary Speaker. What is Life? Conference. University of Oregon (sponsored by UO School of Journalism & Communication), April 2017.

Salma Monani. Invited Conference Speaker. Decolonizing Nature: Resistance|Resilience|Revitalization Conference. University of New Mexico. (funded by Andrew W. Mellon and NM Humanities Council), April 2017.

Salma Monani. “Space Travel, Corn, and Frontier as Navajo Home.” American Studies Association. Denver, Colorado. November 2016.

Salma Monani. Rachel Carson Center Lunchtime Colloquium Talk. “Animating our Relations, Unsettling Cinematic Spaces: Terril Calder’s The Lodge.” Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany. November 2015.

Salma Monani. Invited Plenary Speaker. “Ecocinema: Pasts, Presents, and Futures.” Ecocinema: Celebrating Landscapes and Waterscapes Conference and the Tinai Film Festival. Birla Institute of Technology-Pilani in Goa, India. October 2015.

Salma Monani. “Indigenous Space Westerns as Transformative Environmentalism: The Cosmo-ethics of The 6th World.” Part of a Three-Panel Linked cluster on Indigenous Cosmopolitics. Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Moscow, Idaho. June 2015.

Salma Monani. “In God’s Land: Cinematic Affect and the Perceptual Dilemmas of Slow Violence.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Montreal, Quebec. March 2015.

Salma Monani. “Teaching outside Film Studies:  How Ecocinema can be Relevant to Future Scientists, Policy Wonks, and For-Profit/Non-Profit Advocates.”Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Seattle, WA. March 2014.

Salma Monani. “Eco-Citizenship in the Trans-Indigenous Cultural Contexts of Film Festivals.” National Communication Association. Washington DC. November 2013.

Salma Monani and Miranda Brady. “Film Festival Eco-Imaginations and Practices: ImagineNATIVE 2012.” Conference on Communication and the Environment. Uppsala, Sweden. June 2013.

Salma Monani.  “Kissed by Lightning and Indigenous Cinema’s Natureculture Continuum.” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Lawrence, Kansas. May-June 2012.

Salma Monani. “’Mother Earth in Crisis’: Visions and Voices at the 2011 Native Film + Video Festival.” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment off-year symposium “Environment, Culture, and Place in a Rapidly Changing North.” Juneau, AK. June 2012.

Salma Monani. “From Cuts to Dissolves?: The Evolving Field of Ecocinema Studies.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Boston, MA. March 2012.

“Ecological Media and Ecocriticism.” pre-conference workshop with Sidney Dobrin. Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Bloomington, IN. June 2011.

“Defining and Situating Ecomedia.” with Stephen Rust. Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences. Portland, OR. June 2010.

“Environmental Film Festivals: Expressions of Ecomedia Inspiring Change?” Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Los Angeles, CA. March 2010.

“Ecopedagogical Strategies in an Undergraduate Environmental Film class.” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. Victoria, BC. June 2009.

“On the Shoulders of Rachel Carson: Echoes of Silent Spring in An Inconvenient Truth.” Film and History, Chicago, IL. October 2008.

Monani, Salma. “Re-visioning Environmental Justice through Film.” Topic Paper for seminar workshop “Environmental Justice Studies and Environmental Identity.” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Spartanburg, SC. June 2007.

Monani, Salma. “Re-visioning the Wilderness Idea: Documentaries on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.” American Society for Environmental History, Baton Rouge, LA. March 2007.
(Paper accepted, but weather delays prevented me from attending the conference.)

Monani, Salma. “Native Peoples and Nature: Documenting Changing Times.” Film and History, Dallas, TX. October 2006.

Monani, Salma. “Envisioning a Different Time and Place: Being Caribou and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge debate.” National Communication Association, San Antonio, TX. November 2006.

Monani, Salma. “The Indians: A Fictional Understanding of Immigrant Constructions of Place and Identity,” Northeast Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, PA. 2006.

Monani, Salma. “Time and Ideology in Congressional Hearings: Native Alaskan voices in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Debate.” Panel Chair. Out of Time: Theorizations in Cultural and Critical Practices, Minneapolis, MN. 2005.

Banker, Michael and Salma Monani. “Understanding Environment and The Day After Tomorrow: What Can Hollywood Teach Us about Environmental Communication,” Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Eugene, OR. June, 2005.