As an environmental humanities scholar, my research draws primarily from methodological approaches in literature, history, and rhetoric/communication studies. It is also strongly informed by scholarship in film studies, cultural studies and critical race theory. Ultimately, the interdisciplinary thrust of my research is driven by a desire both to recognize the complexity inherent in any environmental issue and to re-think, as holistically as possible, how we humans might work our way around some of our current environmental dilemmas.

Special Interests

Ecocritical Theory and Criticism
Film and non-print Media (in particular, Indigenous,Environmental, and Documentary Film)
Food (in particular, local movement initiatives)
Science in Popular Media

Below, you’ll find selected information on my most recent research.  If you are interested in more of my work,  click on the links publications, conference presentations, and awards and honors.

Selected and Recent Primary Publications

Monani, Salma, and Joni Adamson. editors. Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies: Conversations from Earth to CosmosRoutledge’s Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature, 2016.

Rust, Stephen, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt. editors. Ecomedia: Key Issues.  Routledge Earthscan series, 2015.

Monani, Salma. “Feeling and Healing Eco-social Catastrophes: In the ‘Horrific’ Slipstream of Danis Goulet’s Wakening.” in Global Weirding, special issue of Paradoxa.  Editors Andrew Hageman and Gerry Canavan. 28 (2016): 192-213.

Rust, Stephen, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt. editors. Ecocinema: Theory and Practice. AFI Film Series, Routledge Press, 2012.

In preparation: Monani, Salma. Indigenous Ecocinema: Decolonizing Media Landscapes.

Interviews, Book and Film Reviews, Encyclopedia Entries, Conference Proceedings

Monani, Salma. Review of Voice and Environmental Communication edited by Jennifer Peeples and Stephen Depoe. Palgrave Press, 2014. In Environmental Communication: The Journal of Nature and Culture. Advance Access:

Conference Presentations

Salma Monani. Invited Conference Speaker. Decolonizing Nature: Resistance|Resilience|Revitalization Conference. University of New Mexico. (funded by Andrew W. Mellon and NM Humanities Council), April 2017.

Salma Monani. “Space Travel, Corn, and Frontier as Navajo Home.” American Studies Association. Denver, Colorado. November 2016.

Awards and Honors

Scholar-in-Residence, Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies (CNAIS).  University of Colorado-Boulder.  2017-2018,

Writing Fellow, Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. Munich, Germany. Chosen in competitive fellowship application process for research in Environmental Humanities. 2015-2016.

Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Grant.  To design a co-taught elective, interdisciplinary Environmental Studies class, “Science and Stories of Climate Change in Scandinavia”, with my geology colleague, Sarah Principato. 2015-2017.

Curator, Ecocinema at ASLE’s Progressive Event. Moscow, Idaho. Invited to co-curate with Stephen Rust the first, inaugural mini-film festival at the Association for Literature and Environmental Studies biennial conference. 2015. (click on Stream 2: Indigenous Ecocinema for my curatorial blurb).